Access Fund

How to apply?

Download an application form here and return to Heatree via post or e-mail by the 31st December 2017.

What is the Access Fund?

The fund is an initiative to help support those who may be disadvantaged in some way because of reasons beyond their control, such as their:

socio or economic background, physical or mental disability, individuals suffering from forms of abuse or homelessness or those in spiritual deprivation.

The discount will only be awarded on receipt of a successful application, following review by a panel, and will be dependent on funds available.

Who can apply?

The Fund may be applied for by a representative of a group who is planning to come to Heatree in 2018.On behalf on the groups prospective members. 

When to apply?

Applications must submitted by the 31st December 2017. The panel will meet and allocated funds by the 14th January 2018.