Conference rooms

Large Conference Rooms capacity

  • Stables - 140 chairs
  • Heatree - 110 chairs
  • Farmhouse - 65 chairs
  • Way House - 25 chairs
  • Heatree dinning room - 150 chairs
  • Farmhouse - 60 chairs
  • Smaller conference/meeting rooms are also available.

The Heatree Lounge seats up to 120 people

Heatree Activity Centre has comfortable conference meeting rooms with full audio visual equipment.

The audio visual system includes: ceiling mounted projector, drop down screen, surround sound speakers and a wall mounted connection point.

All meeting rooms have a dedicated Wi-Fi server, passwords are available on request for over 18’s.

Stable Wing conference room

The Stable Wing Meeting room seats up to 140, and has a video relay to the Heatree Wing Meeting room.

Heatree Wing conference rooms shown below

Heatree Lounge has seating for up to 110 people.

The Breakout room has a DVD player and video relay.

The Way House

The Way House lounge seats up to 25.

Farmhouse Wing conference shown below

The Farmhouse lounge seats up to 65.

The Farmhouse lounge seats up to 70 people